My Favorite Thanksgiving Polishes Part Two: The Colors

Hey everyone! Here is part two of my Thanksgiving favorites. You can find part one here. These next 5 polishes are a little more festive and fun. I chose colors that I thought would appeal to a wide variety of tastes while still being some of my own personal favorites.

First off we have the most tame of the bunch. OPI’s “Vampsterdam” does not only have an excellent name, but it is also a stunning shade. This was from their Holland Collection in Spring of 2012, but I believe you can still find it in some stores and definitely online. This is a great pearly plum color with a sort of red shimmer running through it. The shimmer is only noticeable in direct light. 3 coats were used to reach the opacity seen on my nails.


Next is China Glaze’s “Riveting” which launched in their Hunger Game series about a year ago. At first I wasn’t going to get any colors from this collection, but I am SO glad I got this one. The color is outrageous. A gorgeous fiery orange jam packed with golden glitter? What more could a girl want! This is a fun and festive color for Thanksgiving, and it would be great for feathers in a Turkey Day themed mani. This color is also an excellent accent color. Only 2 coats needed for this beauty!


Revlon’s “Rain Forest” is up next, and this is a deep green color with, what to me, looks like lime green shimmer particles. This polish is really gorgeous, and in the right light it even looks like there is some slightly blue reflectiveness to it. Because of the richness of the color, this is a great transition shade from fall into winter. Due to the amount of glitter in this one, my camera had some trouble focusing on the nails, but you can see in the bottle how glittery it is. This swatch shows 2 coats used.


One of my all time favorites is up next, OPI’s “Designer… De Better!” which was from their Muppets collection. This is such a fun and unique color! The base is a beautiful taupe-y foil that has copper/rose flecks evenly distributed throughout the polish. I enjoy this for autumn, because unlike a winter silver, which is typically cool, the copper flecks create a warmer silver. The warmth really helps the polish to work for this time of year. It gives the nails a very polished look (no pun intended ;-p). I used 2 coats.

Designer De better

Last is Butter London’s “Wallis”. This shade is unlike anything else that I own, or have really seen. It is an olive green base which is filled with antique gold shimmer for a great foiled effect. This color is SO sparkly and fun. I get compliments on my nails every single time I wear this color. It is just fantastic, and a perfect way to end my Thanksgiving favorites series. Only 2 coats needed for this one.


Thanks for reading along! What are you favorite nail colors for this time of year? Do you prefer sparkle and color, or a more muted and neutral look? Talk to you soon!

xo Becky

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