Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I certainly did. My boyfriend (Tom) and I did a lot of recipe development this weekend, which was fun (and tasty!). I discovered a new lunch favorite Friday night when I was scavenging through the fridge for dinner. We  had some prosciutto, whole milk ricotta, and black olives left over from a previous nights dinner, and I decided to make some roll-ups. I wasn’t too hungry, so I figured it would a make a relatively light meal, and I was absolutely correct.

CAM00384Not the most glamorous of meals (and yes that is a paper plate), but boy were they scrumptious and easy to make. I just used one slice of prosciutto, dolloped a little ricotta onto it’s end, sprinkled some granulated garlic onto that, and then topped it off with 2 black olives. Roll it up, and “Voila!”, a yummy bundle of deliciousness. I had 3 of them for my dinner, and it was the perfect amount. I highly recommend trying these out.

We spent most of Saturday trying out new recipes that will likely be posted here soon. One in particular I am really excited for because it is a primal play on one of my all-time  favorite family holiday appetizers. We took a break during all of the cooking to go for a nice long walk, which involved some lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups (or attempted pull-ups in my case. We do pull-ups on a tree in our apartment complex, as there is no pull-up bar in the gym. I find myself talking to the tree and telling it that one day, one day soon, I will be able to do a real pull-up and then I’ll be the one laughing. In my mind, the tree is laughing at me every time I wimpily attempt to hold myself up on that branch, but in reality it is just Tom laughing… 😛

Today we braved the holiday rush, and 20 degree weather, to our local BJ’s for some groceries, and then relaxed the  rest of the day. I had made a giant cheddar and marinara omelet for breakfast, so we didn’t end up eating any lunch. For dinner we decided to make our favorite meal ever: pizza. We have tried so many different Paleo pizza crust recipes, but let me tell you, the one from “Primal Cravings”(by Brandon and Megan Keatley)  is top! That cookbook is outrageously awesome, and if you don’t own it, you should. We decided to make a “kitchen sink” sort of pizza, and throw whatever was in the fridge on top of it.

CAM00430There she is. Our ground beef, spinach, roasted garlic, caramelized onion, black olive, and ricotta pizza. She was fantastic, and there is plenty left over for another night. I have made this pizza crust recipe for my family and non-paleo friends, and even they love it. I highly recommend “Primal Cravings”; it is awesome.

Anyways folks, that’s it for me tonight. It was a pretty inactive weekend, but I know this week is going to be crazy. I will be cooking a few things up for Thanksgiving, so lookout for some new posts coming soon! Thanks for reading and have a great Monday everyone!

xo Becky

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