Christmas Countdown Day One: Holly Jolly Christmas


Hey all!

Today is my very first Christmas Countdown manicure, and it is a simple, elegant design. I think it is a great way to have festive nails without having Santa faces drawn on each one. I used some small red rhinestones for the holly berries in this design, but you can certainly use some red polish if you don’t have any gems. By keeping the holly design restricted to one nail, it makes for a quick manicure, but if you wanted to put it on each nail, I think it would look really chic.

For this design you will need:

A red polish (I used CG’s “Poinsetta”)

A red glitter polish (CG “Ring in the Red”)

A light green polish (CG “Keep Calm, Paint On”)

A dark green polish (Zoya “Hunter”)

Small red rhinestones (optional)

Whichever nail you are going to put the holly on, paint light green. Before it dries completely, lightly press the rhinestones into position at the center of the nail bed. If you aren’t using rhinestones, wait for the green to dry and make 3 small dots with the red polish by using a toothpick or a dotting tool. Paint the rest of your nails with the red glitter. I had to use a red base in order to make the glitter look more opaque.  Last step is to paint the leaves of the holly by making 2 curved lines on the sides of the berries with the dark green. Lastly add some leaves onto the stem that are pointing towards the tip of your nail. Finish with a top coat and that is it. Really quick and easy, but still a festive look.

Holly 1

I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you tomorrow for another Christmas Countdown manicure! Remember to follow me on Pinterest at

xo Becky

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