Christmas Countdown Day Three: Snowy Leopard

Snow Leopard 2

Hello everyone!

Today’s Christmas Countdown manicure was inspired by the spots of our furry friend,  the snow leopard. Leopard print manicures are some of my favorites, and I really like how this one blends together a fun print with the cooler tones of the winter season. Although their coat does not naturally have any blue in it, I thought the addition of this color would add some girl-iness to the nails.

What you will need:

A white polish (I used Sally Hansen’s “White On”)

A gray polish (Revlon’s Parfumerie in “Italian Leather”)

A light blue polish (Revlon’s “Blue Lagoon”)

A dotting tool or toothpick

Begin by painting the your nails white. Once this is dry, use your toothpick or dotting tool to add some blue spots across your nails. They should be different sizes and shapes, however be sure not to add too many, otherwise the nail will look cluttered once you add in the gray.


After the blue spots are somewhat dry, take the gray polish and outline different portions of each spot. You don’t want to outline them completely, and this doesn’t have to be perfect. Each spot should be unique! Then fill in any gaps with some small gray spots. Finish with a top coat and you are good to go!

Snow Leopard

This mani would be great to try different color combos with. Maybe try a light gray base instead of the white, or navy blue spots with a pale blue outline, or even add some metallic polish… the possibilities are endless.  Let me know if you try this out and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram!

See you tomorrow 🙂

xo Becky

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