Christmas Countdown Day Four: Oh Christmas Tree

Hi all!

I am very excited for today’s Christmas Countdown design, as it is one of my favorite in the series. This manicure uses one of the most creative nail polishes I have ever seen! I am talking about KB Shimmer’s “Christmas Now”. This color is insane! It is  like a de-constructed Christmas tree in a bottle, and it looks like Santa just threw up on your nails… but in a good way (if that’s even possible, lol). This color was designed by a fellow nail blogger for KB Shimmer and can be purchased here. KB Shimmer has some of the most unique polishes out there, and I hope to add more to my collection some day. Now onto the design.

I began by painting 4 of my nails with “Christmas Now”, which is a milky green jelly base packed with star, circle, and square glitters in all different colors. It is sheer, so I used about 4 coats in the swatches below. I just absolutely love it! I painted my ring finger with Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Polish in “Flame On”, which is a really pretty pinky-orange.

Tree Base

Once that dries completely, you want to take two pieces of scotch tape and stick them onto the back of your hand a couple of times. This helps the tape to become less sticky, so that when we put it on our nails, it doesn’t pull the polish off. Take one piece of tape and angle it diagonally on the pink nail to create one edge of the Christmas tree, and then place the other piece in the opposite direction so a triangle is created. You want the tip of the triangle to be pointing towards your nail bed but you do not want it to  be touching it, as there needs to be room left for the star. Once you have the tape in the desired position, paint a few coats of “Christmas Now” over the triangle. Make sure all the glitter is in the middle of the triangle, that way the shape isn’t ruined when you take off the tape.

After a few seconds,  pull off the tape from cuticle to nail tip. You should be left with a pretty perfect triangle, which will look like a decorated  Christmas tree! For the star, I took a piece of star glitter from “Christmas Now” and wiped off the jelly base. I then placed it on the top of the tree, while it was still wet. You could use a star rhinestone, or sticker, or even draw one in by hand, it is up to you. Finish with a top coat and you are done with this simple and beautiful nail design.


I hope you guys enjoy this look. You can totally do this with any other nail polishes if you are unable to get the KB Shimmer color. Try using a green polish with a fun confetti top coat instead.

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I am really getting into the Christmas spirit now, as there is snow on the ground here, and I got about 5 Christmas cards in the mail today. Only 6 days left!  That’s 6 more days to choose which of these designs you will be rocking on the 25th! If you haven’t seen days One, Two, or Three, check them out! Let me know what you choose 🙂

xo Becky

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