Christmas Countdown Day Five: Peppermint Twist

Hi everyone!

The 5th design of Christmas Countdown combines peppermint sticks, snowflakes, and the color pink to make one fun and girly manicure. This is another one that would be great in any color combination. This design is a little more complicated than my previous ones, but I will walk you through it.

1. Paint 3 nails with a pale pink polish, like Essie’s “Fiji”, and 2 nails with a deeper pink polish (Sally Hansen “Flame On”).

Pink Base

2. For this step you will need  a snowflake stencil or nail stamp. I used my 2013 Cheeky “Happy Holidays” Jumbo Nail Plate. I used a white polish and stamped snowflakes onto my dark pink nails, and as you can see in the  picture below, I also stamped some pink boxes on one of my nails. I ended up not liking the way this looked, so you can just ignore the boxes.

3. Using a toothpick, striper, or dotting tool, draw two dark pink diagonal lines on two of your light pink nails. These are going to become the lines of the peppermint stick. You can see what I mean below. This doesn’t have to be perfect because we are going to be covering the sides of the lines with white in a minute.

Pink Snowflakes

4. Next use a white striper to make a white line on each side of the dark pink lines.

5. Now use a sparkly pink polish, like Zoya’s “Gilda”, and make a line next to each of these white lines. This was tricky for me as I didn’t have a good paintbrush to do this so just try your best.

6. Then, I added an opaque pink glitter (Nicole by OPI’s “Wear Something Spar-Kylie”) to the nail with the presents, because as I said, I was not satisfied with the way they looked. Lastly, I added a chunky pink glitter (Sally Hansen’s “Twinkled Pink”) on top of the snowflakes.

Candy Cane

There you have it. A pink peppermint Christmas design that can be modified and tweaked to your liking. You can choose to do more peppermint stick nails, or more glitter nails, or whatever you like best! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

See you tomorrow for day 6 of the Christmas Countdown!

xo Becky

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