Christmas Countdown Day Six: Christmas Dots

Hi everyone!

Are you guys excited that Christmas is just around the corner??? I sure am! I am currently sick with a pretty bad sore throat, and I am really hoping it is completely better by Christmas Eve (fingers crossed). Today’s Christmas Countdown design is a nice and easy one, perfect for when you don’t feel well but still want to take some time and glam-up your nails. Sometimes when you’re sick, pampering yourself is just what you need! This design is very simple, so it is great for those kinds of days.

I began by painting my nails with a wonderful gold color. This is China Glaze’s “Mingle with the Kringles”, which I have done a review of previously. Click here to see that! I love this color and think it is just so festive.

Mingle With Kringle

The next step requires 2 different sized dotting tools, or you could use a q-tip and a tooth pick.  This will give you two different sized dots, which is the goal. You want to make a row of large green dots down the center of  your nails.  I used China Glaze’s “Running in Circles” which is my all-time favorite green. It’s sparkly and bright, and is just perfect for this time of year. Next, I took China Glaze’s “Just Be-Claws” and made smaller dots on both sides of the green dots. I spaced them so that they were not directly aligned with the green dots, but more like windowed between them. Then I put China Glaze’s “Twinkle Lights” on my ring finger to bring the whole design together. Have a look!Christmas Dots2

I think this is a great festive manicure that is really easy to achieve. It looks like you put a lot of effort into it, but really all you did was dip a Q-tip and toothpick into different polishes. How easy is that? I’m off to go drink lots of fluids and nap. See you guys tomorrow for Christmas Countdown Day 7!

xo Becky

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