Christmas Countdown Day Nine: Ornaments and Wreaths

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! I am sitting on the couch, drinking copious amounts of fluids, and soothing my poor chapped nose. Good news is I am beginning to feel better, although my voice is still missing. Anyways, today I have 2 new manicures for you. That’s right, TWO! Just because I love you guys so much! I will be showing you how to make some easy ornaments, as well as a Christmas wreath.

For the ornaments, begin by painting your nails any color you like. I went with a neutral blue-toned gray (Essie’s “Cocktail Bling), because I didn’t want the base to clash with the multiple colors I chose for my ornaments. I also put a top coat over this, as the colors I am using for the ornaments are matte glitters, so I did not want to use a top coat afterwards. If you aren’t using any matte colors, you can just wait until the end to use your top coat.

Final Cocktail Bling 1

Next, I took a large dotting tool, and made multiple circles in different colors on my nails. I tried to keep them toward the nail edge, because the strings will be coming from the nail bed. The colors that I used were Zoya’s Pixie Dust’s in “Carter” (purple) and “Chyna” (red), Loreal’s “Hidden Gems” (blue), and OPI’s Liquid Sand in “Alcatraz… Rocks! (purpley-silver). I made different sized spots on my nails, and I made sure to not overload them. I decided to use matte glitters for this because it adds a different texture to the look, and the sparkle of these colors are unlike any others in my collection. My favorite matte glitters are, by far, Zoya’s Pixie Dusts. When the whole matte glitter trend started last year, I was not interested, but once I tried the Pixie Dusts, I was sold. They are the most sparkley nail polishes I have ever seen, and if that is something you like, I highly recommend them. The best part is, that they look amazing with a top coat too!

Final Baubles 2

Next, I used a black nail art pen to draw the strings of the ornaments so that they appear to be hanging. The last step is to draw small bows on the  top of each ornament. I used a rose gold foil from Orly, called “Rage”, for this step. To create the bows, I used a toothpick to make two small triangles on the top of each ornament. I find this to be the easiest way to get the bow shape onto your nails.  That is it! Pretty simple and pretty cute, too.

Final Ornaments 1

For the second manicure, I will be showing you how to create a Christmas wreath. I began by painting all but my ring finger with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s “Man by Man”, which is a gorgeous cool emerald foil. I love this color, and the formula was fantastic. On my ring finger I used a light pink from Revlon’s Color Stay range called “Pale Cashmere”.

Final Man by Man 2

Next, I took a small detailing brush dipped into “Man by Man” and I created a circle on my ring finger, by using little strokes. This creates a feathered circle, which will be the base of the wreath. I then added some depth to the wreath by adding some more strokes with Orly’s “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe”. This helps give some dimension to the wreath so that it does not appear flat, and it also makes it look fuller.

Final Wreath Base 1 Final Wreath Base 2

I then added a few strokes of China Glaze’s “Running Circles” to warm things up a bit. The last step for the wreath design is to add the bow. I used China Glaze’s “With Love”, which is a vibrant scarlet red, and created a bow at the bottom of my wreath, using a small dotting tool. You could use a nail sticker for this, a 3-d bow, or even 2 mini candy canes. Decorate it however you choose.

Final Wreath 1

Add a top coat, and you are finished! I hope you enjoyed my two-for-one surprise today. I am preparing you for tomorrow’s tutorial, which is the last manicure in the series! I’ll be showing you what I’m wearing on Christmas Eve and day this year, and let me tell you, you don’t want to miss it. They are ADORABLE. I’ll give you 3 hints: Ho, Ho, and Ho! 😉

Thanks for following along for my Christmas Countdown. Be sure to check out my previous posts if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned for Day 10 tomorrow!

xo Becky

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