Christmas Countdown Day Ten: “SANTA! I know him!”

It’s Christmas EVE everyone!!!!

I am SO excited! I hope you all are ready for the cutest Santa nail art ever! I wanted to save this as my last Christmas Countdown post, because I will be wearing this for at least the next two days, myself. Now, let’s get into the tutorial.

I began by painting my nails with OCC’s nail polish in “Black Metal Dahlia”. This is a beautiful metallic blackened-red that is unbelievably vampy. I am obsessed with this color, and it is completely opaque in one coat! This company sure knows how to make nail polish, let me tell ya. I used this on all my fingers except my ring fingers. There I used Revlon’s “Pale Cashmere” on the lower 2/3rds of my nail, and then made a triangle with “Black Metal Dahlia” on the top 1/3rd. This will turn into Santa’s hat, so place it wherever you think suits him best. I used a dotting tool to stipple in the hat shape, but you can do it however you see fit.

Final Base 3

Next, I decided to add a topcoat of China Glaze’s “Ring in the Red” to the “Black Metal Dahlia”. I did this to change the color into more of a fun holiday color, rather than a deep, vampy color. Santa is more fun than sexy… to me at least, lol. Then, I used a large dotting tool and white polish  to make a row of overlapping dots along the rim of Santa’s hat. Then I took a smaller dotting tool and white polish, and used the same technique to create his beard and mustache.

Final Beard 2

Now, just add in the details. I used a black nail art pen for his eyes and mouth. a light pink polish and dotting tool for his nose, and a slightly darker pink polish for his rosy cheeks. Don’t forget the white pom-pom on the top of his hat! Finish with a top coat, and that is it.

Final Santa 1

I think he is absolutely adorable, and I cannot wait to show him off this Christmas. I hope you guys have enjoyed my Christmas Countdown, and seeing as tomorrow is the big day, I will be enjoying food and time with my family instead of posting here. It was a lot of fun for me to come up with these designs, and I cannot wait to come up with more. I know not everyone gets excited over nail polish, but I genuinely do, and I hope it translates into my blog for you all. Have a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas!

xo Becky

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