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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was fantastic, except for the fact that I was still recovering from my sinus infection. I’m just about 100% back to normal now, thankfully. I definitely over indulged this holiday, which I am sure did not help with my healing process. I did eat some delicious Paleo friendly meals too though. My dad made delicious baked stuffed lobsters, filled with scallops and shrimp (and topped with breadcrumbs, yikes!). Then yesterday, we went to visit my best friend and her new puppy, and she made us sirloins with garlic shrimp and gorgonzola cream sauce, along with brussel sprouts and roasted sweet and white potatoes. Both those meals were delectable, but I had numerous desserts and sugary alcoholic beverages this past week as well, and now I am paying for it.

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I feel like absolute hell, and I got  to thinking about participating in a Whole 30 program, once the new year begins. I feel like I just need to cleanse and refresh my body, so that I can really start over nutritionally. If you don’t know what the Whole 30 program is, it is basically 30 days of strict Paleo eating in order to try and reset your body and the way you think about food. You can read more about it here. You can mainly eat meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and some fruits. No dairy, no potatoes, no alcohol, and no bacon! It is going to be tricky, but I really want to do it. It is time to make a serious change, and what better time to start than with the new year.

I will be posting recipe ideas and updates of our progress during the experience, so you guys will be able to follow along. If you are thinking about doing a Whole 30, join us! We can get through it together. I have only heard great things from people who have done it, so I am looking forward to the rewards. I need to refresh my  outlook on nutrition and break the emotional attachments that I feel towards food. Hopefully, this experience will help me with that.

Well I will talk to you guys soon! Have a great week 🙂

xo Becky

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