New Year’s Nail Art

Hi everyone!

Today I have for you 3 nail art ideas for New Years Eve. For the most part, these are very easy, so I know you will enjoy them. Personally, I will be rocking manicure number three this year. New Year’s manicures are all about glitter and fun colors. I always wear something loud and festive for New Year’s Eve, and hopefully my 3 designs will inspire you to do the same.

Midnight in Times Square

Final Clock 2

This first design was inspired by the confetti that is dropped in Times Square right after the clock strikes midnight. For this design I painted the majority of my nails with Sally Hansen’s “Midnight Glitz”, which is a black jelly polish that has gold holographic glitter in it. I had to use a coat of Sally Hansen’s “Black  Heart” as a base in order to make this opaque,  but I really love the look. I then used OPI’s “Oy-Another Polish Joke” from their Euro Centrale collection on my ring finger. I turned this finger into a clock striking midnight by adding some lines and dots to represent the hours on the clock, and then made the hour and minute hands. To do these steps I used a black nail art pen. I finished and a top coat and then was done. This design is really simple, and since I didn’t use any numbers on the clock, even a beginner could recreate this easily.

Techicolored Starry Night

Final Starry 2

This next manicure is SO fun and really makes me think of something Fergie would wear while hosting her New Year’s Eve special. I found this gorgeous glitter from Sally Hansen the other day and was determined to use it in a New Year’s nail art. For this design you will need some small star shaped rhinestones. Mine were a gift from Santa this Christmas, but I have seen some at CVS and Sally’s Beauty if you are unable to make it to the North Pole right now. I started with a base of Sally Hansen’s “Black and Blue” from their Complete Salon Manicure range. This color is a gorgeous blackened teal duo-chrome that looks purple at certain angles. It was really gorgeous and went perfectly with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri glitter in “Grape Shifter” that I used on my ring finger. To complete the look, I added a top coat and before it dried, I placed a small purple star rhinestone at the bed of each non-glittered nail. This design looks like you put a lot of effort into it, but you really didn’t have to try hard at all. Those, my friends, are the best kinds of manicures!

Champagne and Fireworks

Fireworks and Champagne

My last design incorporates some fireworks, pink champagne, and a countdown, all of which are essentials for New Year’s. For my base color, I used Zoya’s “Ibiza”, which  is a beautiful deep royal navy with a soft shimmer. For the fireworks, I used a striper dipped into white, metallic blue, and metallic pink polish, and I dragged it along from one corner of my nail to another. You can’t really mess this up because fireworks are messy, so your brush strokes can be messy too. I then sponged some metallic pink polish onto the tip of my middle finger for an ombre effect. Using a toothpick and some white polish I stippled “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” on this nail. Lastly, I stamped a champagne glass onto my ring finger from my 2013 Cheeky “Happy Holidays” Jumbo Nail Plate. I used this as a guideline, and traced it with some white nail polish, and then filled it in with some metallic pink. I added some small white bubbles with a dotting tool, and that was it. A little more involved that the other 2 designs, but still fun and festive if you have the time and patience.

Well I hope you have enjoyed these designs. Let me know if you wear any of them to ring in the new year! Have a safe and happy holiday and I will see you very soon.

xo Becky

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