Polished Penguins Nail Art Tutorial

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Today, I bring you an adorable penguin tutorial. These penguins are dressed to impress and  are a cute addition to anyones nails at this time of year. I changed up the coloring on these penguins a little bit, so they aren’t your traditional black and white variety. These guys are a little more stylish and fun!

To start, I painted the nails that will become the penguins, with a gray polish. I  used L’Oreal’s “Greycian Goddess ” because, as Goldie Locks would say, “It’s not too dark, and it’s not too light. This gray is juuuuust right.” The nails that won’t be penguins, I painted white. Once they were dry, I painted a layer or white onto the gray nails. To do this,  I used the same brush strokes as I do when I paint the whole nail, however I started painting halfway down the nail and left room on the sides, so that the gray polish shows. This white is going to become the penguin’s belly. You can see what I mean below.

L'oreal's "Greycian Goddess"

Next, we will be adding their facial  features. I added two blue eyes with a dotting tool and OCC’s “Pool Boy” polish. Don’t put the eyes too close to the nail bed, because we will be adding a bow later. Then I added a pink triangle for their beaks using a toothpick and some pink polish (OPI’s “Suzi’s Hungary Again”). The triangle should be pointed away from the eyes and  towards where their feet will be.


The next step is to use a striper dipped into an orange polish (Revlon’s “Provoke”), and paint three lines in the shape of a triangle at  the bottom of the white for each of his feet. Now you know the basics to creating simple penguin nail art! To sass things up a bit, I added a bowtie on one of my penguins, and a bow on the other. I did this with dotting tools and then used a toothpick to draw some polka dots on the bowtie. You can definitely skip this step if you want to keep it simple, because these penguins are still adorable even in the buff!

Dressed Penguins

The final step is to decorate the non-penguin nails. I decided to go with a heart and polka dot design, using the same colors as I used for the penguin’s details. I began by painting a pink heart in the center of each white nail. Next, I stippled some blue along the top and bottoms of the nail to create a frame for the heart. Lastly, I added a row of orange dots into the blue.

Polished Penguins

And there you have my completed “Polished Penguins” nail art tutorial. There are so many different ways you guys can personalize this nail art, so be sure to let me know if you try it out! I am going to start working on Valentine’s Day nail art today, so be ready for those!If you are looking for more posts by me, I am currently posting every other day about my progress during my Whole30 challenge. If you want to know  more about this, check out my Whole 30 post for more info.

See you guys soon!

xo Becky

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