Formula X for Sephora Review: The Superwatts

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Today I bring you a post that I have been looking forward to for a few weeks now! I have been dying to try some of the new Formula X for Sephora nail polishes, and I finally bit the bullet and bought a few. At $10.50 for a basic color and $12.50 for any of the special effect glitters, these polishes are pretty pricey, so I chose colors that I found to be very unique and exciting. I am a huge glitter gal, so I ended up going for 3 polishes from their “Superwatts” line. All of these polishes consist of a tinted jelly base that is packed with “rainbow mega-glitter” (Sephora’s words, not mine). This glitter consists of different size and colored hexagonal pieces that are holographic. As you guys know, I love me some red glitters, and I also have a lot of black glitters, so I opted for the green, orange, and blue colors from the range. I was most excited for the orange and green polishes, as I don’t have many glitters in those colors.  I also couldn’t find many swatches of these shades online, so I was really intrigued to see what they looked like in person. After a week or so of waiting, the polishes finally arrived in the mail, and I was able to do some swatching. Let’s see what I thought!

“Lightning” is an emerald green jelly base packed with the “rainbow mega-glitter”. The formula was fairly dense with glitter, but I had to use 3 coats to get the swatch below. I was a little disappointed because the jelly base actually covers up some of the glitter, so it looks no where near as sparkling as it does on Sephora’s website. Don’t get me wrong, it is still beautiful and I will definitely wear it, but it is just something to be aware of if you were thinking of purchasing this color.

Formula X for Sephora Lightning Swatch
Formula X for Sephora “Lightning” Swatch

“Outburst” has the same glitter but it is suspended in a beautiful royal blue jelly base. I liked this color better than “Lightning” because it was much easier to get opaque coverage, and I felt like the glitter was easier to spread across the nail. The color is beautiful and a real eye-catcher. I have a feeling that when I wear this out I will get questions as to who makes it. I know I would ask if I saw someone wearing a color like this!

Formula X for Sephora "Outburst" Swatch
Formula X for Sephora “Outburst” Swatch

Spark is the last of the 3, and is actually my favorite. The only sparkly orange that I own is “Riveting” from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection. I have been looking for a new orange glitter to add to my collection, and when I saw this on, I knew this was it. The glitter itself comes off more gold than orange, and when I had initially worn this, I used an orange base coat instead of just layering it over itself. I hated it with the orange base coat, so at first, I was really disappointed. Then, when I layered it over itself, like in the swatch below, I completely changed my mind. I think this color is so beautiful. The base is a little more shear than the other 2, so I used 4 coats instead of 3, but I don’t even mind. Because the base is so shear, it lets the glitter really show, and it doesn’t dull the holographic nature of it either. I just adore it!

Formula X for Sephora "Spark" Swatch
Formula X for Sephora “Spark” Swatch

I hope you enjoyed these reviews. I am really impressed with the Formula X range, and I hope to try out more of their polishes in the future. Have you tried any of these colors? What has been your favorite so far? Let me know if you have any requests! I know I could not find any swatches online for “Spark”, so if there is a color that you have been wanting to see, but can’t find online, let me know! Make sure to come back soon as I will be beginning to post some Valentine’s Day tutorials within the next few days 🙂

See you guys later,

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