Whole 30 Days 13, 14, &15

Howdy guys,

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. This week is even more exhausting than the last. Tom was out with co-workers last night, so I had the apartment to myself, and I decided to just relax and do diddly-squat. I have had absolutely no motivation this week. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to work out… it’s pathetic. I feel good, I just feel tired. Sooo this post is going to be a pretty quick one, sorry!

Day 13: Mondays aren’t fun for anyone, and when you don’t have much to bring for lunch, it is even less fun. I packed a banana with almond butter for my breakfast, and then for lunch I threw whatever was in the fridge into a gladware. What did I have in my fridge, you ask? Leftover shaved steak with onions and peppers and zucchini noodles with margherita cream sauce. Let me just tell you, THESE TWO FLAVORS DO NOT MIX! Lol, it tasted so gross. I choked it down though because I didn’t have a back up plan. Thankfully I had an apple and some nuts and raisins to wash the taste out of my mouth, haha. I ended up staying at work for about 11 hours, so I was done when I got home. Thankfully Tom cooked  up some chicken breast tenders in a skillet and I roasted up some green beans and sweet onion in the oven. The green beans were surprisingly delicious. The onion mixed with the beans made them taste just like a green bean casserole! It was a pleasant surprise. Later in the evening, I had a tangerine for dessert.

Chicken and Green Beans

Day 14: So this morning, I decided to actually have breakfast before I left for work. I decided to make some hard boiled eggs because they would be easy to cook while I finished getting ready. I had 2 hard boiled eggs topped with a little adobo. I was really annoyed because one of the eggs would not peel easily, and I ended up peeling off so much of the egg white… ugh. Anyways, they were still tasty, and I didn’t feel sick afterwards like I usually do in the morning if I eat. For lunch I had the same chicken and veggies that I had for dinner the night before. I also had a tangerine and a cashew cookie Larabar. Even though I had eaten breakfast and lunch, I still ended up being hungry before the end of the day! Thankfully I was able to leave early, so I went home and foraged through the fridge for some dinner.

This week was a total recipe fail. I had planned on a couple of new recipes to give to you guys, but I have just not been in the mood to cook! I ended up making scrambled eggs with the rest of the green beans and onions, for my dinner. This is a really easy and basic meal idea for when you are tired or just don’t know what to make. Just grab whatever is in your fridge and scramble it into some eggs. It was really tasty, but I was kind of disappointed with myself for not cooking something else. The rest of the night I watched Youtube videos, wasted my time online, and ate some ants on a log (celery with almond butter and raisins). I went to bed before Tom even got home from his work outing. It was a really relaxed evening for me.

Scrambled eggs and green beans

Day 15: This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I felt like my skin and hair looked a lot prettier than usual, and I felt like my face and stomach were slimmer. I was feeling good until I left for work because my entire car was encased in ice. That isn’t so bad, but when I tried to close my trunk after getting my scraper out of it, it wouldn’t close! I ended up spending 15 minutes trying to tie the trunk window to my back seat so that I could drive to work without it flying open on the highway…. At least this time my car would start! I ended up getting to work late, but thankfully almost all of our patients no showed today. I had a banana for some breakfast, and worked on some paperwork. We had a hearing aid manufacturer come in during lunch to discuss their new products, so that was pretty nice. I even asked him if he can contact the San Fran rep to see if they know of any job opportunities out there! For my lunch I had the rest of my margherita zucchini noodles and 2 pieces of chicken. This combination was much much better than with the steak and peppers, lol. I also had some celery with almond butter, a few raisins, and a cherry Larabar. I had made an iced coffee in the morning with almond milk too. The day absolutely dragged, and my friend and I were just kind of cracked out since our workplace is such an energy draining environment. We were able to leave early again though, so that was great.

I was glad to see my car hadn’t been broken into and stolen, seeing as all the criminal would have to do is snip the twine holding my window in place and climb on in. I hit some crazy traffic on the way home, so I called Tom and asked him to please start something for dinner. When I got home, he had cooked up some ground beef with adobo. I roasted some green beans, mushrooms, sweet onion, and garlic in a baking dish with some granulated garlic, salt, pepper, and coconut oil. We ran out of coconut oil tonight! I am going to have to get some more on Friday because we rely on that stuff! Thankfully I had just enough, and everything came out really tasty. Even super easy meals can be delicious! In addition to having a good dinner, Tom said that he noticed my pants were beginning to look like they are too big for me! That made my night of course, lol 🙂

Ground beef and roasted veggies

I’m probably just going to work on some blog posts the rest of the night, or whatever is left of it. I am going to NYC this weekend, so I want to have some posts ready to upload for you guys. I cannot wait to go! I was talking to my classmate, who’s wedding I am going to be in this coming July, and I get to see her this weekend! She said she is going to be giving me my sari too! I am so excited!! Also, I have been trying to look up Paleo friendly eateries in the area of our hotel. There are so many options for Paleo eateries out there, I want to take advantage because I don’t know the next time I will be back! I think it will be a really fun, yet really quick, trip!

I will talk to you guys later! Have a great rest of the week.

xo Becky

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