Whole 30 Days 24&25

Howdy all!

Yay for the weekend! I hope you all have had a great few days. How are your Whole 30’s going, if you have been doing one? Or your New Years Resolutions in general? I have had a few slip ups this week. I mentioned a couple in my last post, but I will mention another one in this post too. I have been having really bad cravings for anything sweet, but cookies in particular. I have also been really tempted to weigh myself again because more and more people are beginning to notice a difference in how I look! Don’t worry though, I haven’t had any cookies and I managed to step off the scale before checking to see what it read. 🙂

Day 24: Friday was a pretty busy day for me. I woke up early so I could go visit Baby S. in the hospital with my mom. I didn’t end up having anything for breakfast because I was going out for lunch with my dad later on. Baby S. was doing good. She was breathing on her own now, with minimal help from a CPAP machine. She was wiggling and moving a lot, and she even got the hiccups a couple of times, which made her angry. She cried a few times too! At first it sounded like a baby kitten, but as time went on, we could hear her from outside the incubator! Her lungs seem to be doing very well 🙂

Around 11 I left to go meet my dad for lunch. We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants near his workplace. Typically I would get nachos or their spinach quesadilla, but today I got a fajita. It was filled with peppers, onions, steak, chicken, and shrimp, and it was really tasty.


After lunch, I had to stop at Ulta to pick up a birthday present for my Big from my sorority. I was going to her birthday party that evening, and I hadn’t had a chance to pick anything up yet. I ended up finding a really nice set by China Glaze. It had 4 full sized polishes, in really fun colors, and it came with instructions on how to do a galaxy nail art design using the colors. I wanted one for myself too! I thought the colors represented her personality well, even if she doesn’t do the nail art, and I also got her a little mango body butter by the body shop to keep her hands moisturized. When I got home, I had a lot of time to kill, so I had a handful of plantain chips, and I worked on some Valentine’s Day nail tutorials. You can check out my most recent design here. It is chocolate covered strawberries! I was able to get a few other designs done before we headed out, so they will be coming in the next few weeks.

The restaurant we were headed to was a barbecue joint that I have always wanted to try. When we got there everyone was ordering drinks, and I had just ordered a water. Then I heard someone order an Angry Orchard spiked cider…. I love Angry Orchard, and I just couldn’t resist. I ended up having two of them that evening. It is a gluten free drink, but obviously alcohol is not part of the Whole 30, so it was a fail on my part. I enjoyed every last drop though! The food ended up being super delicious!  My Big had gotten some sweet potato tater tots as an appetizer, so I tried one because they looked delicious and didn’t have any breading to them. Oh man, they were amazing. I ended up ordering some along with my steak fajita for dinner. I must have been in a fajita mood that day! Tom ordered a ginormous bison burger with pulled pork sans the bun. My fajita was SO good! We were supposed to be going to dinner with my parents this upcoming Sunday, and I decided that we were definitely going to be coming back to this place for that.

After dinner, everyone was heading out for drinks at a different bar, but Tom and I headed home because we are old farts. I was really tired and it was freezing cold outside, so I just wanted to get back anyways. Once we got home we both went straight to bed.

Day 25: Today was a very relaxing Saturday. We woke up around 10:15 and had a big breakfast. I made some scrambled eggs with the rest of our crock-pot pulled pork and roasted broccoli. I also had some iced coffee with almond milk in a lovely Jack Skellington mug. I actually ended up making too much for myself and couldn’t finish it, unfortunately.


I spent the afternoon working on more nail art tutorials, and then at some point said I wanted to play a video game. We ended up getting lost while playing Toy Story 3 on Playstation, and played it from about 4:30 until 10:15!!! I know, it was ridiculous. I munched on some plantain chips and nuts and raisins during that time, but we ultimately stopped playing because I was really hungry for dinner. Tom had kept saying how we was going to be making filet for dinner, so I really wanted to have that. I cooked some garlic spinach up for a side, and he made 2 delicious filet’s for us.

Filet with garlic spinach

Not long after dinner, we headed off to bed. This morning I woke up pretty early, and we are now getting ready to go to lunch with my parents. I will try to remember to take a picture of my food for you this time. I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday, and I will talk to you in a couple of days.

xo Becky

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