Valentine’s Day Nail Art #5: Date Night

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you a sweet and elegant nail design that incorporates some red roses and a little black dress. I began by painting the tip of my ring finger with a black sparkly polish (Zoya’s “Storm”). I used two brush strokes to do this. I began with my brush towards the side of my nail, about half way down. Then I dragged the brush on a diagonal towards the center of my nail tip.  I then repeated this on the other side of my nail. This will create the shape of the top of a heart, or in this case, a sweetheart neckline for our little black dress.I painted the rest of my nails a pale pink (Revlon’s “Pale Cashmere”). You can see that I nicked my middle finger, but that is okay because it will get covered with roses later.

Date Night Base

The next step is to create the roses. I took a medium sized dotting tool and used a red polish to create dots across my pink nails. Then before they were dry, I took a deeper red polish on a toothpick, and swirled it into each red dot. This will add some contrast and depth to each flower. I didn’t use a lighter color, like a pale pink, but next time I make roses I will. I feel  like adding a little bit of pink would have brought the roses even more to life. To complete the flowers, I added some leaves. I used a toothpick dipped into green polish, and placed it at the side of each flower and dragged it out slightly to create the leaf shape.


The last part of this design is to decorate your black dress and add a beautiful necklace. I made some small white dots along the top of the dress for a little added detail. Then I topped everything with a top coat, and I added some small pearls above the dress to create a pearl necklace. I got these pearls in a small kit for Christmas, but I have seen them at Ulta and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If you don’t have any pearls, just used some white polish and a dotting tool!

Date Night Nail Art

There you have my date night nail art design. This is a cute one to match to your own outfit of the night for your Valentine’s Day date (if you have one planned). This would also be cute for a wedding if you made the dress white instead of black. The roses themselves are a great technique to learn for any manicure, and can be done in any range of colors. Let me know what you think, and if you try it out be sure to tag me on Instagram (@polishedandpaleo)!

xo Becky

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