Meal Favorites for February

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we have talked food, and I am sorry for that. Life has been pretty hectic lately, and I haven’t had much time to work on recipe development. I know though, enough excuses! I have the next 4 days off from work, so I hope to be able to focus a little more on the blog, although my sister surprised us all by coming up from Florida, so I will be busy playing with her too! However, I decided that today I would share with you some of my favorite meals I have created  over the past week or two.

First up is some delicious burgers. I had created a recipe for broccoli fritters a little while back that I reeeeally enjoyed, and ever since, I have wanted to use them as burger buns. Finally one day I gave it a go! I made a bunch of fritters, shaped them big enough to hold a burger, and made sure they were cooled before I tried to use them. They would definitely fall apart if you tried to use them while still warm. I cooked up some bacon cheeseburgers to go on the buns, and I baked some green bean fries to go alongside. It was SO good. Unfortunately the fritters were still a little too crumbly to hold up, but it was still amazingly tasty. Next time I will try to make the batter a little wetter and see if that works better. Tom really enjoyed them too, even though they were messy. I really love the idea of sneaking veggies into the bun too, that way if you did serve it with potato fries, you’d still have some sort of veggie in the meal.

Bacon cheeseburger with Broccoli Fritter Bun

A few days later we did our grocery shopping for the week, and we stopped at BJ’s Wholesale to get some paper products. We ended up seeing a bunch of new Paleo friendly items there that previously, we hadn’t seen. There were a lot more organic items than in the past, and we also found organic extra virgin coconut oil and “Barney Butter”! “Barney Butter” is a natural almond butter that has a similar texture to peanut butter, which if you eat almond butter, you know is very hard to find. They did not have the “Bare Barney Butter”, so there is evaporated cane sugar in ours, but we eat it sparingly so I’m not too worried. It’s pretty tasty  and would be great on some Paleo sandwich bread! I don’t know if we would buy it frequently but every once in a while would be nice. We also picked up a pack of “Wholly Guacamole” (which I am loving with plantain chips) and a huge chunk of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese. I am in love with this cheese. It’s made from milk of grass-fed cows and tastes basically like Parmesan, which is my favorite cheese. I have been using it in eggs or snacking on it alone or with prosciutto. Mmm, mmm.

We also found some ground bison at BJ’s, which I haven’t cooked with before. I decided to make some meatballs with it, as we had a lot of tomato sauce that needed to be used up. I was afraid they would overcook too easily, but they ended up being absolutely perfect. I found the meat to be easier to shape than ground beef, and they held up really well  in the oven. I combined 1 pound if the ground bison with half a yellow onion, salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, almond meal, 1 egg, and some goat cheese. The goat cheese added a really nice tang that took the balls to a different level, if you ask me. I didn’t want anything heavy on the side, so we had the meatballs on top of some organic arugula with a little Dubliner cheese and olive  oil. It was so tasty, and pretty quick and easy!

Ground Bison and Goat Cheese Meatballs

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it was Tom and my 3rd one together. Year one we went out for gourmet pizza, and year two I cooked Paleo pizza at home (in the shape of a heart lol ;p). This year, we made reservations at our favorite local Mexican joint. They were having a special for the holiday, so we decided to let them cook for us this year. We started with their delicious tortilla chips (not Paleo) salsa, and margaritas. For dinner, we had a fajita made for two which came with steak, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, onions, and peppers. It was SO good, and I also indulged in the refried beans and rice that came with, but skipped the flour tortillas. Tom was a good boy and resisted all the bad stuff. Everything was so delicious, even more than usual, so we were really happy. The deal came with tres leches cake for dessert, but neither of us liked it much, so we didn’t waste our carbs on it. This is what I wore out to dinner! You can see a close up of my matching mani on my Instagram page 🙂


Earlier in the day I had picked up a few treats for Tom’s valentine at Whole Foods. I grabbed some chocolate Paleonola, some Hail Merry salted caramel macaroons, and a  Hail Merry mint chocolate Miracle Tart. I had never seen any of these treats before, except on Paleo guru’s Instagram accounts, so when I found out my Whole Foods finally supplied them, I was ecstatic! He had some Paleonola in unsweetened almond milk for a snack and it was super tasty, and the salted caramel macaroons are awesome. I don’t like coconut because of the texture, but even I am able to enjoy these! Anyways, the whole reason I went to Whole Foods  was to get a few things to make Tom’s real Valentine’s gift, a ginormous brunch on Saturday (a.k.a. today). I needed some liquid stevia and arrowroot flour, and our Trader Joes doesn’t carry it, so I had to stop there.

Here was the menu of this morning’s epic brunch feast. Bacon and cheddar cheese omelets (mine also included arugula), tri-color homefries cooked in bacon fat, and the chocolate cream cheese danish from “The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook”. Everything was amazing. I made the danish first because it needed to set in the fridge. I had been wanting to make this recipe forever because Tom loves cheese danish, and this recipe is dairy free! It ended up coming out so well, but I would use less chocolate next time to let the “cream cheese” flavor shine through. It is a really pretty dish too if you every have to bring something to a potluck, I highly recommend it. The homefries were perfect too! I seasoned them with onion powder, granulated garlic, salt, and pepper. My Valentine thoroughly enjoyed his meal, and the chef did too! 🙂

Chocolate Cream Cheese Danish

DSCN0481 DSCN0483

I hope this provides you guys with some inspiration for meals in your own lives. Let me know if you try anything! A few people on Instagram have tried some of my recipes, and it makes me feel so excited and happy when they let me know! I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Talk to you soon,

xo Becky

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