Baby Girl Nail Art

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you a very special manicure design that was inspired by my new niece, Baby S.! She inspired me to come up with a cute design that could be used for anyone who is proud enough to rock some baby girl nails. I started by painting my nails two different shades of pink. The darker pink is “Scarlett” from the Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI collection. The lighter pink is “Fiji” by Essie, which is one of my all-time faves.


Next, on one of my nails I drew in the basic shape of a very simple rattle. On the light pink nail I drew three green lines, with a striper, coming from the tip of my nail. These lines are going to become the stems for some flowers.


Then I added in the letter “S” to the rattle, for Baby S. I did this with  a very small dotting tool and just dabbed in the shape of the letter that I wanted. I also added some leaves to the stems of the flowers by using a toothpick, and I added a flower to the center stem by using a dotting tool and 2 different colors. All I did for this was make 5 dots in a circle shape, and then placed an orange dot in the center of this circle. This is probably the most basic flower nail art design there is.


Finally, I added in the 3-D nail art bits. I had some pink flower gems that I added to the two shorter stems on my flower nail. I added a pink 3-D bow to the bed of my middle finger, and I placed 3 small pink rhinestones down the center of my pinky.


What says “baby girl” more than pink, bows, flowers, and rhinestones?? I really like this design and think it would be cute in a bunch of different color schemes. It could easily be transformed to a baby boy design by changing the  colors and adding some stars or polka dots instead of the flowers. Let me know if you try it out!

xo Becky

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