Instagram Nail Art February Round-up

Hi everyone!

As you may know, this past month I participated in a nail art challenge on Instagram. It consisted of 11 different themes for nail art inspiration throughout the month of February. Today was the last day, so I thought I would post all of the designs for you here! There is another challenge coming up for March, but I think I will skip this month and wait until April to do it again. Doing this challenge really helped me think out of the box to come up with some new designs. I hope you enjoy! My favorite designs ended up being the glitter flames and the “Springtime in Paris” themed designs. Let me know which is your favorite and if you would like a tutorial for any of these designs. 🙂

Talk to you soon!

xo Becky

Glitter Flame Nail Art
Theme: Glitter
Polka Dot Nail Art
Theme: Polka Dots
XOXO Nail Art
Theme: XOXO
Neon Heart Nail Art
Theme: Hearts
Pastel Polka Dots
Theme: Pastel
OOTD Nail Art
Theme: OOTD
Stud Nail Art
Theme: Studs
Springtime in Paris Nail Art
Theme: Floral
Ocean Creature Nail Art
Theme: Animal
Jewel Tone Nail Art
Theme: Simple
Galaxy Nail Art
Theme: Galaxy

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