Pot o’ Gold Nail Art Tutorial

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, believe it or not! I cannot believe how quickly this year, let alone March, has been flying by. It’s kind of depressing, but exciting at the same time, since I graduate in May. In honor of the holiday, well at lease the commercialized version of the holiday, I created an adorable pot of gold nail art design for you all. No  pot of gold would be complete without a rainbow, so I also created a really easy and different take on a rainbow design.

To begin, I painted one of my nails a solid green. I decided to go with a creme finish, because I didn’t want it to clash with the glitter and metallic polishes I’d be using on the gold and rainbow. The green that I used was “Posh” by Revlon. The next step is to take a large dotting tool, or a q-tip dipped into a creme based golden-yellow polish. I used the yellow shade in the Revlon Sun Candy duo called “Sun Burst”. I started with a non-shimmery base again, because I wanted there to be more contrast once I added the light reflecting colors. I took this polish on my dotting tool and made a few dots, randomly, from the center of my nail towards the tip. This is going to begin the shape of our pot of gold, so you do not want to take it up too high, or too far on the sides. Once you see the finished product it will be easier to understand, but go through the entire tutorial before you actually try this yourself, for less confusion.

Pot of Gold Tutorial Step One

Next you want to repeat this step with both a gold glitter and a gold metallic polish. I used “Mingle with the Kringles” by China Glaze and “Provoke” from Revlon’s Brilliant Strength collection, respectively. Remember, less is more when it comes to gold coins (maybe not in real life, but in nail art, definitely). You don’t want to overload your pots or they will look messy!

Pot of Gold Tutorial Step 2

Pot of Gold Tutorial Step 3

Now, all the gold coins are in place, so we need the pot to hold them. To do this, I used a toothpick dipped into black polish and made a horizontal line along the bottom of the gold coins. This will become the rim for the pot. I used a stippling motion to draw this, and as you can see, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Pot of Gold Tutorial Step 4

To finish the pot of gold, we need to add the base of the pot. I used a small dotting tool and black polish to fill this in. I left a small triangle of green on each side of the pot underneath the rim. This helps to create a rounded cauldron, instead of just filling in the entire tip of the nail with black.

Pot of Gold Tutorial Step 5

Now, you can throw on a top coat and call it quits here, or you can create some rainbow nails to go along with this design. For the rainbow, I wanted to do something easy, and I also didn’t want the design to look too “cheesy”. I ended up just using a rainbow glitter to create the desired effect. I took “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” by Nicole by O.P.I. and added this above the pot of gold. I then painted the rest of my nails “Blue Lagoon” by Revlon, which is a gorgeous sky blue color with slight shimmer. I topped that off with the same rainbow top coat and then added some “clouds” to the tips of each nail. For this, I used a large dotting tool and white nail polish. I simply create rounded bumps along the bottom of the nail in the shape of clouds. Finally, I applied a top coat, and the design was complete!

Pot of Gold Nail Art

I really love this version of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes rainbow nail art can be really tacky and gaudy, but by using a multicolor glitter instead of colored polish, the design is more tame and understated. I hope you guys like this design too. Let me know if you try it! This design also looks awesome in sunlight! I’ll talk to you guys soon.

xo Becky

Pot of Gold Nail Art

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