My Favorite Spring Topcoat: Milani’s “Sugar Rush”

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you my new favorite polish! Milani recently released a bunch of new colors into their nail polish range for Spring 2014, and let me tell you, there are some beauties! The coral in the collection is gorgeous and periwinkle color is to die for, however, the real stunners are the glitters. One glitter in particular really caught my eye as something unique and worth adding to my collection. “Sugar Rush” is a clear base filled with light green, orange, yellow, white, and silver holographic hexagonal glitters, and it is AMAZING! When I saw it, I thought how unique and fun, and how perfect for spring! I couldn’t think of anything else on the market like it, and since purchasing it, I have seen that China Glaze will be releasing a similar glitter this April. For the price difference though, I am glad I got the Milani one (especially since it was buy one get one half at CVS!).

The formula on the glitter is pretty thin. I am used to chunky glitters having a thick formula to make it easier for the glitter to come out of the bottle, however this does not seem to impact “Sugar Rush”. I had no problem transferring glitter from the bottle to my nails, and was able to distribute it however I liked with ease. The colors of the glitter make it a perfect topper for almost any nail polish color. I have used it over dark purple, coral, lime green, black, and yellow so far, and they have all been gorgeous. I have two of my favorite looks to share with you today.

Milani "Sugar Rush"

This first look is a super simple one that really displays the beauty of “Sugar Rush”. I used “Grass is Lime Greener” by China Glaze (which is also a favorite this spring) on my non-accent nails, and then Zoya’s “Suri” on my ring finger topped with a gradient of “Sugar Rush”. I am OBSESSED with this combo! I think it is so fun and spunky! Perfect for spring and summer, for sure!

Milani "Sugar Rush"

This next look is a completely different color palette, which really shows the versatility of this polish. I started with a base of Loreal Paris’  “Creme Puffs” on all but my ring finger, then added polka dots using Milani’s “Colorful Coral”, which is also from their new spring range. On my ring finger I used this coral color and then topped it with “Sugar Rush” again. This was such a simple manicure, but the glitter really adds a nice punch to it.

There you have my thoughts on Milani’s “Sugar Rush”. I love it so much I devoted an entire post to it! Another glitter from the line that I love is “Sugar High”, which I currently have on my toes. I am really impressed by Milani this spring, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in future collections. If you see this glitter in your beauty store of choice, be sure to snag it!

Talk to you soon,

xo Becky

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