Mermaid Nail Art Inspiration

Hi all,

So yes,  I fail at life. It has been FOREVER since I have posted, and  I apologize. I have been feeling so uninspired lately, I don’t know what it is. Here are some life updates for you:

1. I didn’t make it through my 21 Day Sugar Detox. With moving to California this summer, I have been having a hard time saying no to local eats that I don’t know if I will ever get to enjoy again, so I just couldn’t stick with it. I would like to try it again though when we are settled in our new home.

2. I got a job! I have been nervously waiting to hear from a few places about whether they were going to offer me a position or not, and I found out a couple of weeks ago that I got a position at a hospital near San Fran! I couldn’t be happier, but there has been a lot of stress associated with it, which isn’t helping me on my journey to fitness.

3. My sister’s baby is doing awesome, and is as sweet as can be!

4. Graduation is officially 1 month away, so I scrambling to figure out my life before then.

So, that is what has been going on with me. Lots of exciting things, but lots of scary things too. I have only painted my nails a handful of times in the past month! Unbelievable, I know. I was supposed to do the Nail Art April challenge on Instagram, but I ended up just not being able to do it. I hope that once I graduate I will be more inspired both culinarily and artistically. Anyways, here is a design I came up with a while ago that I thought I would share.

Mermaid Nail Art

To create this design I began by painting most of my nails with Revlon’s Parfumerie Collection polish in “Wintermint”. This is a metallic mint green with flecks of blue glitter.  On my ring finger, I painted a base of Orly’s “Angel Rain”, which is a gorgeous sheer blue-purple duochrome. On my thumb, index finger, and pinky, I created a glitter gradient using a blue glitter (I don’t remember which it was). On my middle finger, I used my Cheeky “Tropical Holiday” Jumbo Stamping Plate and Zoya’s “Ibiza” to add some starfish. Lastly, on my ring finger, I used my Cheeky “Princess Charming” Jumbo Stamping Plate and “Ibiza” to add a mermaid and some bubbles. I topped it all off with a quick drying topcoat and “Voila!”

Hope this inspires you to create a fun warm weather mani, now that it would seem the snow is gone until next winter (fingers crossed!). I will talk to you all soon 🙂

xo Becky

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