Flower Dotticure Nail Art

Hi everyone,

Today’s  “nail-spiration” is this simple floral dotticure I created the other day. A “dotticure” is a manicure consisting of a nail art design made completely from dots. Some of my favorite manicures are dotticures! They are super simple and easy to do, and you don’t need any special tools, just a toothpick or q-tip! For this design, I wanted something spring-y. I began with a white base and then used a variety of colors to create a garden of dot flowers on each nail.

Flower Dotticure Nail Art

For each flower, I began with a golden dot as the center. I then took another color and made 5 dots around each center to create the petals. Lastly, once all the flowers were complete, I filled in the empty space with green dots. Let the paint dry for a couple minutes before applying the topcoat, that way the paint won’t drag. That is seriously all I did to make this design! It is ridiculously easy, and surprisingly fast.

I hope you guys like this design. It definitely puts me in a springtime mood, and now that the weather is cooperating, it doesn’t feel out of place on my nails. Talk to you all soon!

xo Becky



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