Sunny Stud Nail Art Tutorial

Hi everyone,

Today’s nail art design is a bright one. I used colors that made me think of sunshine and summer, since I am ready for it to be summertime! I wanted to use these gold studs I had gotten for Christmas, and I think this design displays them perfectly. Let’s begin!


I began by painting most of my nails with a blue glitter polish. On my accent nails, I used a yellow glitter polish. Next, I took a creamy robin’s egg blue colors and made a thick strip down the center of each blue nail. This serves as the base for the studs.


The next step is to use a striping brush to make a stripe of yellow glitter down each side of the blue strip. This will frame the row of studs we add next.


The last step is to add a top coat and then place the studs on top of it. Take your time and do one nail at a time because the top coat may dry quicker than you can place the studs! You can find studs like this at beauty supplies stores, and now, even at some drugstores.


Hope you all enjoy this design! Stay tuned for more summertime nail art ideas. Let me know if you have any requests!

xo Becky


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