Fancy French Manicure Ideas

Hi everyone,

Today I bring you a post I have been working on for a while. One of my all time favorite nail art looks is the French manicure.  It just screams class and elegance, and whenever I wear one, I feel so fancy (cue Iggy Azalea). I decided to come up with a few alternative designs using the basic French manicure design. Who says that your French mani has to be pink and white? Why not add some glitter, or color, or pattern? Today I hope to inspire you to be a little more adventurous with such a basic nail art design.

The Pointed French

Pointed French A typical French manicure has white polish covering the nail tip that follows the natural curve of your nail. This can be kind of tricky to do if you don’t have the steadiest hand. Yes, you can always use tape or a rubber band to outline the area for you as you paint, however, why not try something different that is still free-hand? I like to use a white striper and drag it diagonally from the edge of my nail to the middle of my nail tip. This creates 2 triangles and is so much easier to re-create than the traditional French.  It is just as elegant and beautiful too!

The Glitter French

Glitter French

For this next variation, I painted my nails the traditional French pink and white design. I then used a white opalescent glitter polish to trace over the white tip to add a little pizazz. Yes, I just said “pizazz”. This looks great in white, but will also look amazing in other colors. Since it’s summer, why not try neon pink or electric blue? Both would look fantastic in the sunshine with a matching glitter topcoat.

The Two-Toned French

Colorful French

This look uses the same technique from the pointed French, but with two complimentary colors for the tip. I first decided on this translucent shimmery base, and then chose my opaque colors to compliment the colors of the glitter. I really like the way this came out, and once again, this could be re-created in a bunch of color combos.

The Dotted French

Dotted French

The dotted French begins by creating a traditional French tip, using any color polish you choose. Next, using a dotting tool, create dots that are parallel and just below this line. I decided to make some of my dots merge into the tip, but you could just have yours sort of outline it instead. I really like how this came out using a glitter polish, but you could play around with different finishes. Maybe try making the tip glossy, but the dots matte? There are tons of creative possibilities…

The Stamped French

Stamped French

Last, but not least, is the stamped French. For this look, I used a black base for my French tip, and then stamped an Aztec pattern on top from my “Viva Mexico” Cheeky Nail Stamping Plate. This design is probably the most involved, as you have to stamp the design onto the tip and then use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to get the design off the rest of the nail. I think the look is worth the effort though!

What do you think? Can you re-create these looks at home? I certainly have faith in you, even if you don’t. Try one of them out and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #pnpfancyfrench so I can check it out!

xo Becky

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