Dinosaur Nail Art

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to make a DINOSAUR themed manicure! If you didn’t know, I am obsessed with dinosaurs and all things “Jurassic Park”. “Jurassic Park” is one of my all-time favorite films. It’s one of those films that whenever it is on TV, you have to stop what you are doing and watch it. I feel the same about all of the Jurassic Park franchise films. I will often watch documentaries about dinosaurs and paleontologists on Amazon Prime or Netflix too, as I am just so interested by these creatures of the past. That is why I can’t believe I haven’t done a dino inspired nail art design until now.

Well, this past Christmas, I asked Santa for some new nail art supplies. I first requested a new nail stamper, as the one I have is too firm for my curved nail beds, causing the designs to only adhere to part of my nail. The one I requested was the GOGOONLY Nail Art Soft Squishy Silicone XL Jelly Stamper. It is super squishy and large, so it is perfect for picking up big designs and transferring them to my curved nails. I had some trouble initially, as it would not pick up the design from the stamping plate, but I learned that the stamping pad needed to be primed with 100% acetone first. To do this, all I had to do was use a cotton ball dipped in acetone, and wipe the face of the stamping pad several times until the shiny film came off. That was what was preventing it from picking up the designs. I had to do it a few times, but now it works like a charm. Stamping designs has become so much easier for me!

The second thing I asked for were some new stamping plates. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I stamped quite a few holiday nail art looks, and most of them were using my new stamp plates. One of the plates I received was a two pack, with one plate being Halloween themed, and the other Christmas themed. The set is by Ejiubas and has a ton of great designs. On the Halloween themed plate, there is a snake skin pattern, and I instantly though of dinosaurs when I saw it. Now, before you start lecturing me, YES, I know that most dinosaurs had feathers instead of scales. However, some of them did have scales, as do my favorite raptors in Jurassic Park, therefore I just went with it.

I wanted the skin to have some depth to it, so I used a few different colors. My boyfriend had bought me this really cool nail polish my China Glaze for Christmas, and this happened to be  the perfect design for it! It is called “But of Corpse” and it is this gorgeous metallic green with small black glitter, and it looks incredible on the nails. I used this as a base for two of my nails, and then essie’s “Navigate Her” as the base for the rest of my nails.

Dinosaur Nailart

For the stamped design, I used plain black for the nails with “But of Corpse” and then used a mix of black, “But of Corpse”, and Zoya’s “Veruschka” on the other nails. This helped make the design a little more interesting and provide more depth to the design. I really love how they turned out! Here is another pic in different lighting.

Dinosaur Skin Nailart

I hope you guys enjoy this nail art idea. Let me know your favorite dinosaur in the comments below. Mine would have to be raptors and  the T-rex! Off to go watch Jurassic Park now!

Talk to you soon,

xo Becky

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