Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Hi everyone,

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, so I have a few different nail art ideas coming your way. This first design is very simple and can be re-created with just a bobby pin and 3 different nail polishes. The colors I chose to use were: essie’s “Fiji”, OPI’s “I Can’t Hear Myself Pink”, and the Jamberry Lacquer “Hot Petal” (not sure if that is the real name, but that is what it says on the label).

Valentine's Day Nail Art

I painted a base using the Jamberry Lacquer, and then painted the bottom half of each nail with a swipe or two of the beautiful pink OPI glitter. Next, I used a bobby pin to dab a series of  medium dots along the seam of the two colors with essie’s “Fiji”, and then gently dragged two of the dots downwards to connect and create the bottom point of the heart. I made sure to have an even number of medium dots on each nail so that there would be no left over dots once I created the hearts. Finish with a top coat, and you are done!


What do you guys think? Easy enough to try at home? I really like the colors that I chose, and I enjoyed using the Jamberry Lacquer! This was my first time using one of their lacquers, and I found it very easy to apply,  with great pigmentation. Well, you can expect a new nail art post from me every Wednesday from now on, so stay tuned for more designs coming soon!

xo Becky

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