Whole 30 Results 2016

Hi everyone!

Well, my 30 days are up and it is time to report on my results! If you didn’t know already, I have been doing a Whole 30 since January 1st to get myself started on a healthy path for 2016. If you don’t know what a Whole 30 is, you can read more about it here. The Whole 30 is very similar to the Paleo lifestyle, but more strict. It really helps balance out your body so you can start with a clean slate. I completed another Whole 30 a few years ago, with great results, and you can read about my results here!

Why participate in a Whole 30? Well, for me, I find a lot of benefits. After the holidays I am super bloated and fatigued, and just overall blah. I didn’t even go that crazy this year with poor eating, but I just needed a restart on my diet. When I do a Whole 30, I wake up much easier in the morning, and have more energy throughout the day. My digestive system seems to refresh, and I experience less stomach aches from my IBS. I also find that my sweet tooth dies down, and when I eat something that is naturally sweet, like fruit, it tastes much sweeter than before. This helps cut down on cravings for chocolates and desserts when I am back to my regular eating style. There are a lot of other benefits, including weight loss, which is one of the main reasons I participate.

So, how did it go this year? Well, I was impressed by how much easier it was for me this year than my last go around. I didn’t have A LOT of cravings for off-plan items, and I think this was because I meal planned pretty regularly. I tried to use my weekends efficiently, by meal prepping and making sure that I was setting myself up for success instead of failure. In the past, if I don’t meal plan, I always end up finding something off plan to eat, and it just throws a wrench in everything. I also learned that my bf and I do not have to eat the same things every day. That was one of the things I used to struggle with a lot. I always wanted us to have dinner together and to eat the same thing, but when he doesn’t participate in the Whole 30 with me, he often eats things that I can’t. I had to learn to be okay with that, and sometimes not eating at the same time too. It may not seem like a big deal, but I really enjoy eating dinner together. Once I was able to be more flexible with this, I was able to eat when I was hungry and not stress over what he was going to eat as well.

I had a lot more energy this Whole 30, and that helped me to wake up early for work without a problem, and still have energy when I got home. I used this energy to work on my blog and get back into regular posts. This has been great for me, because it helps keep me busy and not think about snacking! Now, although I had energy to do things, I still struggled with working out. I really  had wanted to make the effort to make a workout plan and stick to it, but I failed miserably! I don’t know what it is, but I have just lost all will and motivation to exercise. I made an effort on some days, but it was very few. I like working out with a partner, and since I don’t have any friends out here to workout with, it gets difficult. This is something I plan on working on as the year goes on. However, although I did not work out very much, I still was able to lose some weight and inches off my body.

So, how much did I lose? Well, 11 seems to be my lucky number! I lost 11.6 lbs this Whole 30, and I had lost 11.4 lbs during my last Whole 30! I can only imagine how much more weight I could have lost by exercising daily. I also lost 1-2 inches off each area of my body. I can see definite changes in my torso and face, and I am able to wear clothes that have been on a hanger for months. I still have a long way to go, but it is very motivating to have such an exciting start! Unfortunately, I don’t have any before/after photos to share. I am waiting until I have made bigger strides forward before I show those!

So, what is next? Well, I am going to continue with the Whole 30 eating guidelines until our trip to Hawaii this month. Then I will most likely switch back to a stricter Paleo lifestyle  and maybe do a Whole 30 a few months later. I have big goals for my health this year, and this is going to help me. I also am really trying to get into some kind of fitness routine, as I mentioned before. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments! I am open to any ideas!

Well I hope you enjoyed my results. Share you success stories below so we can all motivate each other! TTYS

xo Becky

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