UberMat Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Hi everyone,

Today I have a very exciting nail art design for you because it uses one of my new favorite toys: The Uber Mat. This was something I also received from Santa this year, and  OH MY GOD is it a nail art game changer. This mat is something that helps create endless possibilities for nail art designs, while making it SUPER easy!

The Uber Mat is a mat that protects your surface from polish and nail polish remover. It is also a giant canvas for you to try out different color combos, paint custom nail art “wraps”, and basically just perfect every design you could ever think of for your nails. You can hand paint designs, stamp designs and trim them to get the perfect selection of a pattern, reverse stamp, and even marble…. Which brings me to today’s Valentine’s look.

Everyone has heard of water marbled nail art looks by now. They look amazing, but they can be a real pain AND a real mess. You have to figure out where  to place your nail in order to get the design you are wanting, and if you don’t place your nail just right into the water, you have to start from scratch. With the Uber Mat, the mess and guess work are really taken out of marbling. I have a picture below showing what it looks like to marble on the mat.

Uber Mat Marbling

All you have to do is paint a base coat of your choosing, and then blob  a bunch of different colors on top and use a toothpick to swirl the colors into a cool marbled look. When you are happy with the design, simply let it dry, peel it off the mat,  and place it onto your nail. Use a base coat before applying it so it has something to stick to. I trimmed away the edges with nail scissors and then used a brush dipped in acetone to melt the excess polish away.

Uber Mat Marble Nail Art

Voila! We have a beautiful marbled nail art design, that looks super intricate, but was created without mess and with little effort. The most difficulty part is choosing the color combo! I used Zoya “London”, essie “Bordeaux”, Sinful Colors “Black on Black”, and Sally Hansen’s “White On” as the base.

The Uber Mat is available for pre-order on the Uber Chic Beauty website. You can also get similar mats on Amazon.com. Here are 2 options that have good reviews: Winstonia “Mat Like Me” Mat and BMC Roll Up Mat. It is a great investment if you are trying to get into nail art, and I use mine all the time! Like I said, I was lucky enough to be spoiled  with one by Santa… thanks Dad! 🙂

I will see you back next week with my last Valentine’s Day nail art idea!

xo Becky

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