Valentine’s Day Stamped Dahlias

Hi everyone,

Today I have my last Valentine’s Day nail art idea for this year. It is a very simple stamped design of beautiful dahlias. I used Zoya “Blaze” as the base color, which is a gorgeous pinky-red filled with micro-glitter, and then I stamped the design using Sally Hansen’s “White On”. The dahlia design comes from one of the stamping plates I got for Christmas. It was a CICI and SISI plate, but it is no longer available on Amazon. There are plenty of other floral nail plates however, such as this one by Winstonia and this one by Ejiubas.


I think this manicure is really pretty. The nice thing about stamping floral designs, is that they are a great if you are a beginner. You don’t have to worry about lining the stamper up with  your nail perfectly, because every part of a flower is beautiful, so it will look nice on your nails even if the design is crooked or half missing.

If you are interested in more Valentine’s Day themed nail art ideas, check out my other designs from this year: Marbled Valentine’s Nail Art and Chain Link Hearts. I also have a bunch of designs from a few years ago too: Hearts and Bows, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Love Park, and Love and Lips. This should give you plenty of inspiration for the holiday!

Stay tuned for something a little more magical next week! Ttyl

xo Becky

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