Unicorn Nail Art

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week! I have a random yet fun nail art look for you today… UNICORNS! Who doesn’t love unicorns, am I right? They are mystical, magical, and dreamy.ย  Now, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those whimsical unicorn face close-up tee shirts, but a subtle touch of their magic is okay with me. These nails are great because they are somewhat understated and somewhat… not. The colors I used were:

Sally Hansen “Coral Reef”
Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”
China Glaze “Mingle with Kringle”
China Glaze “It’s a Trap-eze!”
Sinful Colors “Cinderella”

Unicorn Nail Art

As you can see, I kept most of my nails really simple with a pretty gold french tip and pastel bases. I absolutely love this look and will definitely be wearing it on its own this spring/summer. On my ring finger, I decided to use a fun glitter, which adds detail to the look without being time consuming. Then I just piled a bunch ofย  fun shaped and rainbow colored rhinestones at the nail bed to add something extra. Lastly, I free-handed a little unicorn forehead on my middle finger. Painting an entire unicorn would have taken forever and been really tedious, but honestly, theย  most important part is its horn, right? So why not just showcase that? That is just what I did. I used a small detail brush to do this, and made sure to take my time with it. Be sure to let the design set for a few minutes before applying a topcoat, so you don’t ruin all your hard work!

I hope you find this design fun and whimsical! I think it is super cute, and like I mentioned before, even the french nails look adorable by themselves. Let me know what other designs you would like to see!

xo Becky



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