About Polished and Paleo

My name is Becky, and I am a 25 year old recently graduated audiologist who loves to paint her nails and eat cupcakes. The problem is, one of those things does not help me look good or feel good (can you guess which one?). Join me (and occasionally, my caveman) as we continue our journey towards our genetic ideals, and also snag some nail art inspiration along the way!

See what Paleo/primal meals we have been enjoying, what our new favorite recipes have been, and follow us along as we transform from couch potatoes to healthy and happy cave people. We have been on this Primal journey for about 2 years, and have found it to be quite the challenge. We know we are not alone in this feeling, and by sharing our own triumphs and struggles along the way, we can try to motivate each other towards a happier and healthier tomorrow!

“What about the nail polish,” you ask? Here at polishedandpaleo.com, not only will I be posting our Primal meals and/or recipes, I also hope to provide inspiration for any nail art novices that stumble across this blog. I am neither a professional chef nor manicurist, I just want to share two of my passions with others who have the same interests. I have loved nail art since middle school and in the past few years my passion has only intensified. Not only has my skill set grown, but my polish collection has also grown quite a bit šŸ˜‰ I will share nail polish favorites, reviews, and nail art inspiration for you to enjoy.

Welcome to my world!


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